Medal rush in Chengdu: WSG students from Bydgoszcz win the World University Games!


Forty-three medals and fifth place in the medal classification of the Polish academic team at the 31st Summer World Univrsity Games in Chengdou, China, is a historic result.

The results of athletes representing WSG and the university's AZS had a significant impact on its achievement.

From 28 July to 8 August, student-athletes from 120 countries competed in 269 competitions in 18 disciplines. The Polish team finished 5th overall with 43 medals, coming in behind Italy and South Korea. The winner was China with 178 medals.

There is great pride in the fact that students of physical education and a sports manager from our university had a significant impact on this historic result of the Polish Academic Team.

Meet "our" medallists:

Jakub Szymański from the SKLA Sopot sports club won the silver medal in the 110 m hurdles run. The 20-year-old runner confirmed his high form, having previously won a silver medal at the European Indoor Championships in Istanbul.

Paulina Paluch in the team (with Marlena Granaszewska (Gola), Monika Romaszko and Nikola Horowska) won the silver medal in the 4x100m run.

Aleksandra Formella triumphed with the gold medal in the 4x400m relay after a great performance in the individual runs. The relay team also included Karolina Lozowska, Veronika Bartnowska, Margarita Koczanova and Natalia Widawska.

Pola Nowakowska, a student of Physical Education and player at KS Pałac Bydgoszcz, won the bronze medal in volleyball. The team, led by coach Jacek Pasiński, beat Brazil 3:1 in the match for third place.

In rowing, Kajetan Szewczyk, together with the mixed double four (Barbara Streng, Katarzyna Duda, Jakub Woźniak), won the gold medal ahead of the Italian and German teams in the final.

Cezary Litka took 5th place in the double single.

Unfortunately for Rafał Horbowicz, the competition did not go well. The ten-boater had to withdraw from the competition due to injury.

The University Games is an international sports competition, held every two years, which is one of the biggest sports events in the world, right after the Olympic Games. This year's edition was held in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in China. The competition was originally scheduled for 2021, but was moved to 2023 due to a pandemic. 

Congratulations to our students and we wish them continued success on the international stage!



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